Our Services

Our goal is to offer you the best possible medical care and support. In a detailed consultation we work closely with you to set out a treatment plan. Following your therapy we conduct the necessary follow-up examinations.

Our focus

We are able to offer you a full range of state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the treatment of cancers and blood disorders. These include the following:

diagnostic procedures

Blood and bone marrow testing

Drug therapy

Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted substances

Planning and management of cell therapies

stem cell transplantation (autologous/allogeneic), genetically modified immune cells

(with cooperating hospitals)

Supportive therapies

accompanying tumor therapies


of blood products


Clinical Studies

We are committed to offering our patients cutting-edge technology and therapies. Through our ongoing cooperation with clinical research partners our patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical studies of novel treatments.