We offer clinical expertise in blood disorder and cancer diagnostics. Starting point is a detailed and comprehensive exploration of your medical history. We ask you to bring all relevant medical documents to your initial appointment (doctors’ letters, tissue analyses reports, laboratory findings, radiation, CT and MRT results) as well as a list of the medication you are currently taking.


Following your initial appointment your consultant will put together a therapy management plan. Some of these therapies will be carried out on site at our surgery, for others you will be referred to other specialist physicians and clinics.

Our range of services:


Laboratory diagnostics for haematology (blood disorders)

including instant diagnostics in our own laboratory to identify blood count changes (anemia, leukopenia, leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia, thrombocytosis)

Testing for coagulation disorders

in cooperation with a leading laboratory

Bone marrow diagnostics / iliac crest puncture

and leading-edge morphological, immunological, cytogenetic and molecular biological analyses in collaboration with “Hämatologisches Speziallabor Berlin-Buch” and “Institut für Hämatopathologie Hamburg”

Ultrasound examination

of lymph nodes and abdomen

Spinal fluid puncture

Puncture of effusions

ascites and pleura